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In today’s world, every business organization or residence has its own set of security rules for safeguarding the assets, employee theft as well as so on. At CIT we believe the coalition of security systems must be the focused onset of top priorities and also should cover the following elements:

  • Extensive coverage of important assets in an organization or home

  • Rigorous with measurable goals

  • The system should be capable of increasing productivity

Businesses practicing conventional security will find difficult to have a changeover to modern security purposes may be due to the financial aspects or other responsive factors. But the truth is that adapting the CCTV surveillance systems will also bring many advantages to the establishment.


IP cameras - The perfect choice to keep an eye on your business. Why is it so? The technology that push the IP cameras is quite intelligent and also mature. With keeping this in mind you should pay attention to Hikvision CCTV Installation so as to safeguard in a refined way.

Network Video Recorder - The network video recorder is used in IP camera surveillance system where it allows the view as well as storage of video data in an efficient way.
Analog Cameras - Analog CCTV Camera can address most of your security concerns in a cost effective way. The analog system can record the images as well as videos straight to Videotape Recorder.
Digital Video Recorder - The Digital video recorder is used in Analog Surveillance system where it converts the analog signals to digital format as well as send to the disk for storage. 


Residential - Get our CCTV Camera system installed at your home and prevent any undesired burglars attempting to enter your property without your consent.  

Corporate Solutions - With our fully featured CCTV Camera system installation services, we strive to eliminate workforce violence to create a safe working environment.   

Banking & Finance - It is a high time to enable a reliable surveillance system in banking and financial institutions to prevent them from vulnerabilities.   

Education - The demand for campus security is increasing enormously in order to establish a safe and sound learning environment.   

Hospitality & Healthcare - Security and safety at healthcare facilities are important for both quality healthcare and public safety. 


Our goals with our infrastructure setup, networking and security solutions are to provide our clients with technology that can be leveraged in many different ways to yield desired results. To achieve this, we provide valuable assistance with the following facets of enterprise level technology –

Infrastructure Setup - For making progress is a business, you need to get the basics right. Our infrastructure setup solutions ensure that you have the basic technological backbone which you can use to streamline business processes and fine tune your workflow so as to achieve the best results.

Networking - Having robust and effective channels of communication and data transfer is essential to the success of any business. Our solutions include LAN, WAN and wireless connectivity solutions, unified threat management and remote access solutions, structured cabling systems for voice and data communication, mail and web hosting, optimization of bandwidth and quality of service analysis.